Photo Artist, Digital Artist (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Parallel world
Paintings made from photographs. As a rule, photographs taken in the infrared part of the spectrum were used. But not necessarily. Some pictures were taken in the visible part of the spectrum but at night. Long exposures, multiple exposures, and other creative techniques were used. All photos have been transformed using artificial intelligence. After that, they were processed in a graphic editor using the digital painting method to give them a finished painterly look.
Robot dreams
Paintings were created using AI Art Generator. Initially, a photograph is taken, which is then transformed with the help of artificial intelligence. The resulting image is substantially finalized in a graphical editor.
Black Skies
The series of photographic works. No digital painting, artificial intelligence, photomontage, or collage. Color and contrast were corrected in the graphics editor. The only thing I added is film grain.
Surreal multiple exposures
City Lights
Images of the night and evening city. As a rule - long exposure and various creative and technical tricks when shooting and processing. From realistic to completely abstract.
Some kind of semi-abstraction and avant-garde
Sometimes in something ordinary you can see an image that is difficult to describe in words. It's easier for me to visualize. In this section are some of these pictures.
Still lifes
Still lifes taken "normally". Here, either studio light or "Light Painting Brushes". But of course, not without jokes, allusions and reminiscences.
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