Ukrainian photographer Sasha Rzhondkovsky.  Український фотохудожник Саша Ржондковський.
I am a photo artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. 
Once upon a time, photography was just my hobby. But after my thirtieth birthday, I decided to break with my former profession and become a professional photographer. I graduated from college and received a diploma in photo art, which I never needed, although more than 15 years have passed since then. And really, should an artist be judged by diplomas, titles, and other regalia? Aren't his works the only important indicator? That is why I have not participated in any competitions for a long time. Is art a sport? I can understand the contest of craftsmen, but not of artists. 
So here, on this website will be only my work. There will be no diplomas, certificates and other similar garbage. The only text is explanations and descriptions of the works themselves. And yes, the works are different. Even though I'm over 50 years old, I still love experiments. I always want to try different techniques and work with new equipment. After all, isn't the artist supposed to search?
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